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Since 1998 Gexa delivers quality non woven spundbond products to the market, currently Gexa is a leader in it's field approacing to new markets. Our goal:
  • providing a wide range of products in the field of construction, agriculture, medicine - at competitive prices, high quality and best service.
Gexa Milestones:

Efficiency. Gexa has a well-built logistics system, capable in bringing fast response and information to clients.

Flexibility. Gexa is open to mutual and profitable solutions with business partners who are ready for a long and serious relationship.

Professionalism. Gexa's staff is well motivated and professional with clients.

Own production. Gexa delivers only what is 100% manufacturered in it's own factories, no trade activity in order to be in the position to guarantee it's products.

Competitive prices. Gexa offers high quality products and reasonable prices, try us!